Mirage of Dragon

*Short Description:

Mirage of Dragon is a surreal maze platformer set in Arabian hell Hatamah – “that, which breaks to pieces”.
Find the one true dragon in a dark world of shadows and mirages. Confront devouring Silence.


“At first I wasn’t sure what I saw…
Everything was covered in the darkness …
Memories, dreams, mirages…

 I realized at one point that the darkness… this darkness was my own body – the
 reflection of what I was – the endless desert, the reflection of the
ancient mirage I was looking for – the dragon. 

It came to me and I followed it into the silent blaze,
“that which breaks to pieces”. ”

*Work in Progress (1 month in development)(click to see the full size):

Enter the desert...
Lost in the cave...

To the Sky Palace...
The valley of bones...
First dragon - front...


  • -Maze exploration and pure platforming with minimal elements of action, puzzle and adventure.
  • -Mostly relaxing atmosphere with occasional surreal horror scenes
  • -Arabian style soundtrack – music that sounds like desert 
  • -7 Dragon mirages – from micro to colossal
  • -Traditional hand-drawn art
  • -Rich, yet entirely optional monologue-based story
  • -7 endings (maze exits)
  • -Extras: 100 page art book (PDF), 24 page Guide (PDF), Original Soundtrack (WAV)


Useful Links:
*Mirage of Dragon on STEAM
*YouTube Trailer

*Indie DB page  
*TigSource forums page 

Attached Posts:
*Primary Concept Arts
*Cover Art and Story Intro
*Environmental Battle System
*New Areas
*Opening video and logo
*4th month progress I
*4th month progress II
*5th month progress
*Post-dev: gameplay videos


  1. Greetings, Ark. I recently bought "Mirage of Dragon" and played as far as I could (I didn't manage to figure out Misanthropus's second phase or how to get to the Dragon King from the library). I read the book you included with it, as well. Thanks, too, for including the soundtrack and the MIDI pieces. I consider it a real bummer that you weren't able to do all that you originally had in mind (you say in the book that you had to remove a lot of content). You made a beautiful game with fantastic music.

    Ian M Brown (theseedist@gmail.com)

    1. Thank you very much!
      I have recorded 3 videos, showing how to find all 7 dragons:

      Yeah, the final version of the game is less than it should be. At the time I had no other choice, but at some point in the distant future I'll have my Round 2. :)

      Glad you like the music. Composing an "Arabian Style OST" was a dream of my.

  2. Thanks also from me, this was quite a unique experience. The maze design was very fun and atmospheric to traverse and puzzle through. Looking forward to playing your other games as well now!

    1. Thank you for your time! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

  3. Hey :) Silly question, is there any way to put your games to Nintendo Eshop ? I'll be honest, so far I've played Mirage of the Dragon, and really enjoyed it, especially the atmosphere, wonderful graphics and Giger/BeksiƄski -esque aesthetics, but lately I have little to no opportunity to play games on PC, because my second son been born not that long ago ^^
    So, launching Switch for an hour or two before bedtime is so far my best, if not only way to play videogames. I assume, that putting games on different platforms than PC ones takes a lot of time/money, but still, I have some hopes :D

    1. Hi! Sorry, but at the moment I can make only PC Windows games (that might change in the not so distant future, but not anytime soon :D).

      (Congratulations on your son's birth! :)

  4. You make some great games with great music! Your artstyle is haunting and eerie and it fits real well with your games.
    You actually inspired me to make my own dark and grim game (not as haunting and eerie as yours obviously). I am currently calling it "Dark World" and I am trying to draw a creature called "Titan" but I am absolutely sucking at it. Could I maybe use some of your art to help me a bit?

    1. Thanks!

      I'm not sure if I have something you can call "Titan", but if you need something for reference - no need to ask, use it.