Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000


Saturn Quest: R.U.N.E. 3000 is a tragic Alien Space Opera featuring asystematic Action-RTS battles and epic plot of mythological proportions. 



It's difficult for me to write this "overview", because I do believe that Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000 is one of the best video games ever created. It's my game number 10 and it's the first time I feel this way about my own work. I DO believe this work is genius. And honestly it's all I want you to know at this point. But, of course, it's my personal opinion and yours may be completely different. So I do recommend you to keep reading this "overview" and also read the game's 8-page manual (on you right). It explains the game's mechanics to some extent.

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"R.U.N.E. is a secret space station orbiting an artificial micro-planet X-5. It was created for illegal experiments on just one particular life form. You." 


  • - [ACTION-RTS [A.R.T.S.]]
ACTION-RTS battle system is a unique hybrid of multiple genres (more than 2 (or even 3)). Imagine this combination as a base:
-Start with your classic Zelda-style Boss Arena
-now add some very simplified RTS (Real Time Strategy) mechanics similar to classic strategy games like Dune 2 (but again - very simplified - please, don't expect deep strategy on a one-screen "Boss Arena"... yet!).

There are 10 ARTS Battles in total (in R.U.N.E. 3000).
There are 7+ more battles in other styles.


Variety. Saturn Quest has variety. More than 10 game-play modes and their combinations, different perspectives, forms, space ships, etc!

Note: variety and quantity are two different words. SQ R3000 is not a long game. It's "wide", not "long".

+ - Asystematic Game-Design (If you have never heard about it - it's all right! Nobody's using it! ...but I do.



Saturn Quest is an Alien Space Opera, containing multiple episodes that can be played in any order. R.U.N.E. 3000 is a sequel to the previous episode and a prequel to the very first. It is actually recommended to play first.

In all Saturn Quest games you play as Captain Navigator, the last Saturnian looking for Saturn.


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A. R. T. S. Battle 2 [S-1600]

A. R. T. S. Battle 4 [Zombie Mushroom Bio-Ship]

A. R. T. S. Battle 5 [Giant Zombie Mushroom]

A. R. T. S. Battle 8 [Space Penguin Fortress]


Solar system release: 2022 Q4

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