There is one thing that I love almost as much as making video games. And it is... making PDFs! Here's my small collection:

SECTION 1G---------------------------------------------------------------- - - -  -   -    -
AHT Video Games:

Ghostdream Commentary Book (contains spoilers):

Mirage of Dragon Book (contains spoilers):

Mirage of Dragon Guide (password-locked):
(you can find the password hidden in the game itself.)

TSOTC Art Book:

Dark Dreams RHN Book (contains a tonne of spoilers):

D1896 Book (contains a tonne of spoilers):

Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus 
Intergalactic Art Book (contains a tonne of spoilers) :

Cube Gothic Art Book
(contains a tonne of spoilers) :

TSOTC X: Final Quest Guide

Saturn Quest: Blast Effect
Intergalactic Art Book II (contains a tonne of spoilers):



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  3. barnzie8@hotmail.com2 November 2023 at 00:15

    Saw Dosh's thumbnail on Youtube, art looked great and looked you up. Found that your giving away these great artbooks for free? If you ever release a paid artbook i would buy it.
    Put on the video of Dosh's to see what your games are like. A talented man, doing the music and programming too. If you need any playtesters, i have done a few rpgmaker games.
    Which one of your games would be the best starting place? So your working on a RPG now?