Mirage of Dragon 4th Month End

Just a quick update. The second part of the month wasn't as active as the first - as to be expected. But still I've made some progress.

Here's a small part of the Dragon #6:
The platform is temporary of course

I like this one - a Genie:

I have more, but I'll save it for later...



Mirage of Dragon 4th month started...

This month I'll post my "progress reports to nowhere" twice. (Really, this blog feels like a masturbation, but I do hope that someday it will change.)  I mean, I have a LOT of progress this month. Some pics:

The least impressive visually, but the most important for me is the final plan (map) of the game I did on paper. (I'll add only several connecting rooms to it later.):

the "yellowness" is a visual effect - the original is perfectly clean :)

I'm getting closer to the final version of the cover art (to me it's important to have one). I tried another dark version again, but I never liked it that much - still it's good enough to have it in the art book:

And this one is my final choice (I may improve it a little later):

More locations: a small room from Necropolis:

This room is used to switch the character's form.

And as planned I have started to work on the dragons - the best looking so far is Dragon #3:

Next few days I'll be working on the final 12-screen size giant - this monster will be tough to make, but I absolutely need it.

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