Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000 Released + Extras

 Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000 is released. You can get it on Steam - here.

 Also, here's the free extras:


 The Game's Art-Book (PDF): Download On Google


 The Game's Manual (PDF): Download On Google    


 The Game's OST: Download On Google









Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000 : My New Game

My game number 10 is finished and will be released soon (2022. 10. 28)! You can find it on STEAM here: SQRUNE3000 👯

The game's page on the site is... on your right! 💃

The extras (Art Book and OST) will be uploaded later (2022. 10. 29). 💁

Ark ★


Getting Back();


I have been working hard for almost 2 years and all the time I was mostly offline. Now, I'm back to release my new (and my best) game - Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000. Also...

- I replied to all comments!😜

-While I was offline, all MEGA links died and I have no way to restore them! From now on I'll use only Google Drive. Sorry for the inconvenience. 👺

-I'll keep adding some new stuff this month, and then I'll disappear again (to make my next game, of course). 👽