Mirage of Dragon 3rd Month: Shaitan

Shaitan (Arabian Satan)

Above you can see the first actual screenshot of the game. It looks as good as the mock-ups I was posting earlier - just as planned. Even better - I added some particles, parallax scrolling and animation.

3rd month was all about coding, so I don't have a lot to show, but overall it was super successful for me.
Other than the normal running and jumping, the character(s) can climb ladders, ledges and some walls Ninja Gaiden style (and in the end of course they will climb the giant Dragons (can't say how many yet)). May be I'll add ropes and wall jumping later. By default you can jump only once, but some objects on the walls allow you to do a double-jump (like a sculpture or a column - haven't decided yet).
I think I'm very close to my perfect platformer engine now.

I'll dedicate the next month to the graphics again - this time the Dragons. After that I'll try to make an impressive demo with a trailer in 3 months. Sounds realistic but you never know...

Also, I must improve my English somehow. I don't have that much human contacts be it on the internet or the real world and I never been anywhere outside Lithuania, so I can't really tell how good or bad I am at talking. But it becomes obvious even to me I'm not so good at writing. Time to get my textbooks and write a good story.