Dark Dreams RHN: WIP. Bestiary & Bosses

Working on Dark Dreams...

Bestiary (not all of them, but most of them):
Enemies from various areas

And here's the first 4 bosses:
Boss 1
Redesigned Boss 2
Boss 3 ("Dragon of the Lake")
Boss 4 ("Demon in the Box")

And that's all for now - no more spoilers. Coming soon :)



Dark Dreams RHN: gameplay videos 01

I have recorded 2 game-play videos:

1st region of the game (short ver):

1st Boss:

I think it's going rather well,


Dark Dreams RHN: new areas

The Autumn has inspired me to make yet another big location for Dark Dreams RHN - Autumn Forest:
Meet "Autumn Spirit" (it's an NPC)
Believe it or not - it's a puzzle! Every Survival Horror must have some.

Autumn forest is a "relaxing area" with NPCs and puzzles. It becomes accessible right before the final boss.

Some more new screenshots:
It's a Dragon. It's a Dragon.
Some small Sci-Fi elements

Improved Saturn Area

The game will be finished quite soon - 3 or 4 months left till the dead-line.