Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus

SQ:SoP PC Windows Cover

In Saturn Quest you play as Captain Navigator, the well known hero of the universe guided by his personal ambassador Roro the mother-brain. Together they must fight Planetus, the evil degenerator and megalord of the dark holes. Can you save the universe once again, Captain Navigator? All known races believe in you!

Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus might be the best game of the universe. You can play Saturn Quest on Saga Blaster System, PlayBoy Noir, Arcade machines and of course, PC Windows - the most popular gaming platforms in the Universe.

SQ: SoP Saga Blaster System Cover

SQ:SoP PlayBoy Noir Cartridge

SQ: SoP Arcade cabinet

Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus, brought to you by the channels of electricity and the sorrows of the cosmic whales.

Game features:
-Phenomenal multi-bit graphics!
-Terrific sounds of Jupiter!
-Absolute mechanical unicity!
-Mind breaking piece of atmosphere!
-Crystallized brilliance of the story!

Solar system release: early 2020 

Screenshots (WIP):

Captain Navigator explores Saturn!
Captain Navigator explores his own base!
Captain Navigator shoot'em up!
Captain Navigator locates one of the secret stations of Planetus!
Captain Navigator meets Terra!

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  1. Hi!
    I am really interested in this game and like your games in general.
    I would like to leave a small note about your game's cover: I don't know if you find this important, but you should know that with the vowel extender mark in katakana (the ー in サターンクエスツ), it is turned vertically when writing vertically! This can be important because when written horizontally in vertical writing like that it looks like the symbol for 1, 一.

    I don't know if you find that important, but I thought you should know! I am really fascinated by all your work and can't wait to see this one completed!

    1. Thank you very much!
      I'll edit the picture ASAP.

      By the way, the game will be released soon. 2020 January, I think. It's my best game so far :)

    2. I'll really be perceptive while playing it sometime in the future. Specially this game of yours, by these brief sights on it, brings me some easily nostalgicable feelings to get related with — I'd say it's because of the likenesses of it, for me, with ever Fantasy-Worth-Some "Chrono Trigger" and the unexplainable left to forgettings "Exed Exes".As for this last one,I kinda feel bad at none attention it properly deserved as you express giving at your creations.THAT game DESERVES A PROPER PLOTTERY just like I believe you're capable of by the desconstructive nature of scenery dynamices at your re-pieceably, re-imagined segments within your created journey.Despite I also unarguably think it could totally have any or everything to do with Arabian-Japanese-ish wackiness"Twin Bee". And you can't judge me for that. DESPITE EVEN EITHER I MIGHT THINK it also COULD HAVE SOMEWHAT TO DO WITH "B-Wings","Chack'n Pop","Milk & Nuts","Door To Door","Pooyan","Bynary Land" and probably with "Arabian" included.Yeah,You do can have a judgement on me for this one,I'd not be that-up at pleadings, I suppose now to think.Said it before,actually not a-wared if anyone ever listened,tho.