Arkhouse Telegraph Global Plan

I need to post more often.

Here's my "Global Plan":

The first 4 games are finished and released. Number 5 (D1896) will be released soon. Number 6 and 7 are Work In Progress. 8, 9 and 10 exist only on paper at the moment.

I'm going to update the plan someday.



DARK DREAMS RHN is released. And it's free.

Dark Dreams RHN is released. And, yes, it's free. You can download the game on GameJolt and Itch.Io. I might upload the game to Steam next month. Also, I'll upload the game's Art Book and OST.

Itch.Io Link:

GameJolt Link:



D1896 Trailer

D1896 is finished and will be released soon (November 2019)! Here's the trailer:

I don't know how it looks (to anybody who isn't myself), but I think it's my best game so far.

(I'm already working on my next game - Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus. It will be released (relatively) soon as well :)