Post #50 Special // Top 10

5 long years of extreme hardcore blogging and look where I am now! This is Post #50! In celebration of this phenomenal achievement I have to do something special. Here's my personal Super Top 10 Games of All Time (in no particular order) :

(the picture is big and heavy - click on it to enlarge) 
(alternative link with better quality here.)

More stuff to come,


Cube Gothic 8 Bit Style Prologue

One of the 3 prologues of Cube Gothic:

(The Game itself is not 8 Bit style. Just the prologue. One of the 3.


Cube Gothic In Dev. 00

I'm working on Cube Gothic, the third and final chapter of my Gothic Trilogy. More info HERE.

And here's the elephant:

The game is a Shoot'em Up. It's a direct sequel to TSOTC and D1896 but...
 it's a Shoot'em Up. Which isn't a bad thing at all. In fact it's a quite awesome thing. More stuff coming soon.