D1896 is a part of AHTG's Gothic Trilogy. It's an action adventure platformer in the style of the early horror movies, inspired specifically by "Le Manoir Du Diable", the first horror movie ever made (it was released in 1896 and the title - D1896 - is a link to this movie).

D1896 First Cover ("Bloody Mary")
D1896 Second Cover ("Our nameless protagonist")
D1896 Concept Art ("Our nameless Protagonist")

D means Dracula.
The story of D1896 is loooosely based on Georges Melies 3 minute film "Le Manoir Du Diable", Bram Stoker's novel Dracula and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. D1896 is a sidequel to TSOTC (the first episode of Gothic Trilogy).

Early Screenshots (WIP):

Castle Corridor
Outer Wall
The first Boss fight
Title Screen

What is D1896?

D1896 is not a metroidvania
D1896 has no colors
D1896 has no HP bars
D1896 has no RPG elements
D1896 has only one weapon and no items at all
D1896 sounds like piano - you'll never hear any other instruments
D1896 has no voice acting
D1896 is short
D1896 is hard
D1896 has no optional content besides one secret boss
D1896 has balls big enough to tell the truth...

...and the truth is:

D1896 has battles with enemies and bosses
D1896 has traps and platforms
D1896 has puzzles and mazes
D1896 has long dialogues with NPC

That's all D1896 has.

Date of Release: November 15 2019
Platform: PC Windows

Relevant Links:
Release Video
Extras: OST, Art Book




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    1. At the moment nowhere :) The game will be released this year. November, I think.

  2. Uh she's beautiful but why you should rip her face?

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    1. I probably can, but it's too expensive for me at the moment.

  4. In the description you mentioned this was the third entry into your "Gothic" series. What were the first two and where can I find them? I'd love to play them first. OuO

    1. D1896 is the second episode of the trilogy.

      The first is TSOTC - the links are here:

      The third and final episode is Cube Gothic and it will be released in the end of 2020.

    2. I played your first game: castlevania, the seal of the curse, and it was amazing.

  5. Love the story. Can't wait for chapter 2.

    1. Working on it right now :) I'm glad you like the story.

  6. I am SUPER curious now, having watched TSotC through to the end and D1896, what both X and "Cheshire" are up to? So X is the father of Vlad and Mary? Who/What actually "is" The First? Why did he call himself a cat from Transylvania of all things?

    Very, very intriguing stuff...

    1. Everything will be explained in Episode 3. "The First" is the first vampire (like the first ever, the source of vampirism, father of all vampires). He's calling himself a cat because he doesn't really care what Alice is thinking about him, but showing his true face would surely scare her. He needs Alice because she's related to Simon. And Simon will return in episode 3...

      X wants The First dead. He's on Simon's side (for now).

    2. Ah, Alice is related to Simon somehow, interesting...

    3. If "X" is really that "Up" to want "this-a-First",he'll grow widely concerned true Vampires are not to be wanting for, rather just after — fleeing from never pains either. True I've gone widowed vainfully-disclung, or preferredly "vanitarious" over those melodramarers,who wants mellow upper Romances as for such prude-bratry.Excuse for them,these all of neologisms,they made themselves needed!