CTSOTC: WIP Episode 3

Working on TSOTC. Here's Episode 03 (up to Bram mansion and the first battle with Death):

I have uploaded the latest demo too - you can find it here:


Or here:

DEMO 03 (DropBox)

Demo Controls:
W-A-S-D + J,K,L
Sub-weapons (once found): Q,E,I

*check the in-game menu for more info (L)
*ALT+ENTER - full-screen

Episode 4 is one of the longest so it might require some extra time to make - 2 months or so.



Romantic Horror Nights. May 2018

This month was slow, but I have achieved my goal - most of the background sprites are done and ready to use. The rest of the project should be much more interesting for me to make and the next goal is "DEMO 00B" featuring the top-down 8bit levels.

Some new backgrounds I have made:


 That's it. I'll be back.



CTSOTC: WIP Episodes 1 & 2

Still working on my Castlevania fan game... Uploaded 2 "Work in Progress" videos on YouTube if anyone in the world is interested.

Episode 1, showing the game up to Berkeley mansion:

Episode 2, showing the game up to Rover mansion:

 The rest is in progress... The estimated release date remains the same - Q4 2018.

The NEW DEMO is here:

CTSOTC DEMO 2 on Dropbox
or here:


Have in mind that after the battle with Carmilla the game just stops. You can still explore the lands and even meet a ghost telling you to look for his brothers and that the third one will show you the path. But the third ghost will never appear in this demo. So don't bother :). Also there is a minimal chance to kill Carmilla and die on spikes at the same moment. This isn't fatal and it will be resolved soon.