Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000 Released + Extras

 Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000 is released. You can get it on Steam - here.

 Also, here's the free extras:


 The Game's Art-Book (PDF): Download On Google


 The Game's Manual (PDF): Download On Google    


 The Game's OST: Download On Google









  1. Hello, sir.

    I know this is a very late and unrelative comment, but I had nowhere to leave this comment, and please forgive my poor english skills.
    I just found your works recently, and fell in love in a brief instant. Your talent is so breathtaking. At first, I wasn't able to believe that only one person did all of arts, composing, and programming. Every artworks are mesmerizing and OSTs are fantastic. I cannot understand why your works are not popular yet - I sincerely, genuinely think you deserve so much better. I'll hope you to be healthy and happy!

    With heart,
    Your fan

    1. nothing poor about it at all, friend.

    2. The art is stunning and the music is incredible. But the reason why Arkhouse's games aren't popular is very simple - the gameplay leaves much to be desired. The games are an experience, but the gameplay isn't "fun" by modern standards. And that may be by design. It's as niche as niche gets. But then again, if Miro Haverinen could strike gold with Fear and Hunger, I don't see any reason why Ark's next game can't achieve the same.

  2. It's a nice old school pixel game, I like it!