Getting Back();


I have been working hard for almost 2 years and all the time I was mostly offline. Now, I'm back to release my new (and my best) game - Saturn Quest: R. U. N. E. 3000. Also...

- I replied to all comments!😜

-While I was offline, all MEGA links died and I have no way to restore them! From now on I'll use only Google Drive. Sorry for the inconvenience. 👺

-I'll keep adding some new stuff this month, and then I'll disappear again (to make my next game, of course). 👽



  1. super excited to see you release a new game!
    been playing through your games slowly and they are extremely beautiful and inspired feeling (also really appreciate you posting artbooks and stuff on here, they are super cool to go through)

    1. Thanks for playing my games! I hope the next one won't disappoint you :)