Mirage of Dragon: concept arts

Finally I have started working on my new project "officially". It is in the earliest development phase now, so I don't have much to show at the moment. I have started working on: 
-November 1 2016
And I intend to finish it on: 
November 1 2017.  

Considering the amount of work it may seem impossible for a normal human being, but not for me. I'm not normal. The only thing that can stop me is the damn financial difficulties - I always have them. I hoped to improve the situation with my previous project (which is an adventure game Ghostdream), but I was too naive about this probably... Well, I'll be looking for some other ways to fund myself.

*Here's the Cover Art Version 1 (I'll do another version later):
One of the angels above and the young version of Akeem below

*The very first sketch of Dragon Castlefuse - literally a fusion of a dragon and a castle. Naturally it's the final boss of the game. I'm not going to spoil the actual thing even in the final trailer, but this first sketch is OK for the suspense:

*Demonic Da Vinci Tank as one of the early bosses of the game:

That's all I have for now. + Some early screenshots on the game's page (you can see it on the right>).
Not bad for 3 weeks. It was intense. I'm tired.

the ultimate. 

*UPDATE 2016/12/02:
I have decided to concentrate on the dragon bosses only, so no Da Vinci tank this time unfortunately. That's a cool boss fight to have in mind for another game...  

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