Ghostdream: The Book And The Guide

This is probably my final post related to Ghostdream. Already have some stuff to show from my next game, so I hope my blog will be more lively the following year.

>The puzzles in Ghostdream might be difficult, so I have written a short guide for it on Steam - you can read it here:
Ghostdream Short Guide

>In case you want to read the game's book and you haven't found it on the Steam page (I had difficulties finding it myself to be honest...) here's a link:
Ghostdream Black Book

Ghostdream Black Book Cover

That's it for now. 
No need for parting speeches or hyper-emotional postmortems - I will make a prequel in about 3 years from now on. I hope this next time I'll have all the time I'll need.
It will be awesome,
telling you.


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