2019 1Q ArkHouse News

Dark Dreams RHN is almost finished and will be released in a month or so (I'll upload the final trailer in a day or two).

The final passage

I'm working on a new project. D1896, the second chapter of my Vampire and Revenant trilogy. More info here.

I'm working on another project. Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus, possibly the best game of the universe. More info is right here.



Dark Dreams RHN WIP: Characters

Dark Dreams RHN is almost finished.

Boss 8 "White Cube"

Characters of DDRHN:

Bio-robot, Origami man, shadows, ghost, alien, zombie girl and Autumn.

Almost there,


Dark Dreams RHN WIP: More Bosses;

Improved Boss 4:

"FPS Mode" :)

Added low-pixel mid-boss for the Spectrum level:

Big lady in red

Dragon of the Lake, first encounter - video:



Dark Dreams RHN: WIP. Bestiary & Bosses

Working on Dark Dreams...

Bestiary (not all of them, but most of them):
Enemies from various areas

And here's the first 4 bosses:
Boss 1
Redesigned Boss 2
Boss 3 ("Dragon of the Lake")
Boss 4 ("Demon in the Box")

And that's all for now - no more spoilers. Coming soon :)



Dark Dreams RHN: gameplay videos 01

I have recorded 2 game-play videos:

1st region of the game (short ver):

1st Boss:

I think it's going rather well,