Cube Gothic Art Book

 As always my new game has an Art Book and as always you can get it for free here on AHT:


Download Cube Gothic Art Book on MEGA

Download Cube Gothic Art Book on GOOGLE 


Cube Gothic OST

Cube Gothic is released today. You can get it on Steam:
FREE EXTRA! Here on AHT you can get the game's soundtrack:

Download OST on MEGA

Download OST on GOOGLE 





Saturn Quest 2 Coming Soon!!

Saturn Quest 2 is in mid-development. 

It's Blast Effect!

Release date: 2021 January // February



Cube Gothic Release Trailer

 The game is finished (in 8 months of relatively hard work :)). Here's the release trailer:

The release date is September 24 (2020).


working on Saturn Quest 2


CUBE GOTHIC Demo 072020

Cube Gothic Demo 072020 is released. You can download the demo here:


(To Play Full-Screen press ALT+ENTER

Here's a short video demonstration on Youtube:

The full game will be released this summer/early autumn.



Post #50 Special // Top 10

5 long years of extreme hardcore blogging and look where I am now! This is Post #50! In celebration of this phenomenal achievement I have to do something special. Here's my personal Super Top 10 Games of All Time (in no particular order) :

(the picture is big and heavy - click on it to enlarge) 
(alternative link with better quality here.)

More stuff to come,