Mirage of Dragon

*Short Description:

Mirage of Dragon is a surreal maze platformer set in Arabian hell Hatamah – “that, which breaks to pieces”.
Find the one true dragon in a dark world of shadows and mirages. Confront devouring Silence.


“At first I wasn’t sure what I saw…
Everything was covered in the darkness …
Memories, dreams, mirages…

 I realized at one point that the darkness… this darkness was my own body – the
 reflection of what I was – the endless desert, the reflection of the
ancient mirage I was looking for – the dragon. 

It came to me and I followed it into the silent blaze,
“that which breaks to pieces”. ”

*Work in Progress (1 month in development)(click to see the full size):

Enter the desert...
Lost in the cave...

To the Sky Palace...
The valley of bones...
First dragon - front...


  • -Maze exploration and pure platforming with minimal elements of action, puzzle and adventure.
  • -Mostly relaxing atmosphere with occasional surreal horror scenes
  • -Arabian style soundtrack – music that sounds like desert 
  • -7 Dragon mirages – from micro to colossal
  • -Traditional hand-drawn art
  • -Rich, yet entirely optional monologue-based story
  • -7 endings (maze exits)
  • -Extras: 100 page art book (PDF), 24 page Guide (PDF), Original Soundtrack (WAV)


Useful Links:
*Mirage of Dragon on STEAM
*YouTube Trailer

*Indie DB page  
*TigSource forums page 

Attached Posts:
*Primary Concept Arts
*Cover Art and Story Intro
*Environmental Battle System
*New Areas
*Opening video and logo
*4th month progress I
*4th month progress II
*5th month progress
*Post-dev: gameplay videos


  1. Greetings, Ark. I recently bought "Mirage of Dragon" and played as far as I could (I didn't manage to figure out Misanthropus's second phase or how to get to the Dragon King from the library). I read the book you included with it, as well. Thanks, too, for including the soundtrack and the MIDI pieces. I consider it a real bummer that you weren't able to do all that you originally had in mind (you say in the book that you had to remove a lot of content). You made a beautiful game with fantastic music.

    Ian M Brown (theseedist@gmail.com)

    1. Thank you very much!
      I have recorded 3 videos, showing how to find all 7 dragons:

      Yeah, the final version of the game is less than it should be. At the time I had no other choice, but at some point in the distant future I'll have my Round 2. :)

      Glad you like the music. Composing an "Arabian Style OST" was a dream of my.