Ark House RADIO

Ark House RADIO is online 24/7.  :)

Here's the Playlist on YouTube:
AHR Volume 01

Here's the list of the songs (updated regularly):

1. The Seal of The Curse (C:TSOTC)
2. Transylvanian Travels I & II (C:TSOTC)
3. 7th Dragon (Mirage of Dragon)
4. Ghost Blues (Ghostdream)
5. Awakening (Dark Dreams RHN)

6. Grandma Blues (Ghostdream)
7. Singing Caves (Mirage of Dragon)
8. Town of the Dead (C:TSOTC)
9. Medieval Heavy (C:TSOTC)
10. The Snows of Saturn (Dark Dreams RHN)

11. Love is conspiracy against men (Ghostdream)
12. Mansion of Bones (C:TSOTC)
13. Unfriendly Town (C: TSOTC)
14. Princess from the bunker (Dark Dreams RHN)
15. The Suns of Desert (Mirage of Dragon)

16. Dracula: The Duel (D1896)
17. Lady Dracula (D1896)
18. Cemetery Walk (D1896)
19. The Secret Crypt (D1896)
20. Stories (D1896)

21. Small Port Towns All the Same (Ghostdream)
22. Last Travels (D1896)
23. Toputopus Battle (Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus)
24. Music Box (Mirage of Dragon)
25. Marriage of the Dead (C:TSOTC)

26. Tramway Blues (Ghostdream)
27. Death Struggle (C:TSOTC)
28. Spectrum Maniac (Dark Dreams RHN)
29. Ancient Library (Mirage of Dragon)
30. Sobatus Battle (Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus)

31. Drunken Ghosts (Ghostdream)
32. Sound of Snow (Mirage of Dragon)
33. Space (Dark Dreams RHN)
34. Green Saturn (Saturn Quest: Shadow of Planetus)
35. Alice (D1896)
... ... ...

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