Dark Dreams RHN WIP: Characters

Dark Dreams RHN is almost finished.

Boss 8 "White Cube"

Characters of DDRHN:

Bio-robot, Origami man, shadows, ghost, alien, zombie girl and Autumn.

Almost there,

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  1. This pictures showed put this way makes me wonder about a dystopian political world where a investigative police department party engages after solving multiple, concatenated, really unsettling grim crimes which, by sudden rupture off daily routine, have the "restrictively-classed" detectives gone led into acknowledging existence of an otherworldly underground menace among those rest of all. If by any chance it seems I've been working on this plot: No. Just really felt it suits your type and way of art. By now, I'm actually like: If there were a forth part to Cube Gothic "Trilogy", I'd be the last one at very now, as to the least, which'd deal about such my present desirings to byrise off-and-out vanquished. My theory about it, by the way, is that, according to your vision, Castlevania — since all of that with vampire Dracula, priest-like Death, all of his conjured boogie frights, then etc. — gets place within as any of realities coexisting linked by that castle walls, land, country, even world. It's where different universes come gateable-to-reach, and you're just making use of one of this infinitely possibility. Kinda expecting for you that such idea don't seems loosen by its results if so, and may you cohere all of these ideas as you properly wish. Have A Nicer Work Time Prolifying By, Any-Then!