CTSOTC: WIP Episodes 1 & 2

Still working on my Castlevania fan game... Uploaded 2 "Work in Progress" videos on YouTube if anyone in the world is interested.

Episode 1, showing the game up to Berkeley mansion:

Episode 2, showing the game up to Rover mansion:

 The rest is in progress... The estimated release date remains the same - Q4 2018.

The NEW DEMO is here:

CTSOTC DEMO 2 on Dropbox
or here:


Have in mind that after the battle with Carmilla the game just stops. You can still explore the lands and even meet a ghost telling you to look for his brothers and that the third one will show you the path. But the third ghost will never appear in this demo. So don't bother :). Also there is a minimal chance to kill Carmilla and die on spikes at the same moment. This isn't fatal and it will be resolved soon.


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  1. This game is amazing. When will there be an update? Plus, how the HECK do I kill Dracula?!?! By the way, I know I'm supposed to put the relics back in the orbs or whatever those purple things are, but then he teleport to the pillar and is immune to all attacks. Can you tell me what to do? Thanks, and also I don't need help with his 2nd form, I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials for that.