INTRO post…

My name is Alex and this is my new “official web-site” or rather… the substitute of one. I am a lone video game developer, known (or rather unknown) on the internet as Ark House (you can confirm it – it’s written on the logo above). My first finished game will be released soon (hopefully…) so I thought it’s a good time to make an “official web-site”. I needed to do this earlier (I had a lot to say), but I wasn’t entirely confident in the future of my project or even my own future as a developer... I wouldn’t say I’m a lot more confident now… In fact the future seems as dark as ever. But “darkness” is my thing, so I’ll think of something… I hope.

Anyway, welcome to my official web-site, whoever all 2 of you are. I’ll add some content soon…

I think I’ll be updating the blog once a month – even though I work alone I am very fast, so I always have some stuff to show and talk about.    

Alex the Xmas-maker,
Because why not?

P.S. It’s called “Ark House Telegraph” because the name “Ark House” is already in use by some other Blogger user… (I tried to google it, but found nothing. Blogger is full of lies.).


  1. Hi Alex,

    I suppose your Simon's Quest Remake is on hiatus or dead? Quite sad, your art style is really unique and very good. But I'll look forward to your new project. Greets from Germany Joern

    1. Hi!
      Thank you!

      It's not dead (or rather I'm not planning to kill it :D), but at the moment I can't afford working on a fan game that won't bring me any money. In the worst case scenario I'll turn it into a commercial Castlevania clone, very similar and yet somehow different. But I haven't decided yet. May be I'll find some other way, but it won't be any time soon unfortunately.